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Have you ever needed a weapon at short notice which is easy to get to and can inflict a whole lot of pain? If you haven't, here is your insurance policy.

A Kubotan (sometimes spelled as Kubaton or Kobutan) is a self-defence weapon that you can put on your key chain. It is about 5 and a half inches long and half an inch wide. A Kubotan is a great compact self-defence weapon that is easy to use as well as easy to carry discretely.

The Kubotan has small grooves along the shaft so that you can grip easier. It is made from various materials such as metal, plastic and often polymer and when used correctly can cause severe pain with little to no strength needed.

There are a lot of basic techniques that even a beginner will be able to be able to perform. Here are some of those basic techniques that will help you to use your Kubotan more effectively.

Strike with a knife-thrust stabbing motion or a hammer fist action. You must use your thumb to make sure the end of the barrel is completely secure.
Push against areas of the attacker that are sensitive. This will help to repel the attacker. Aim for the upper lip, back of the hand, sternum, or upper rib cage.

There are other sensitive parts of the body that you could aim for such the groin (ouch!), shins, solar plexus, under the nose, and knees. Back of the neck and calves are great ways to cause the assailant severe pain.

You can use your free hand for blocking, grabbing and attacking. Learn more self defence using the Kubotan in our Weapons Courses.

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