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Welcome to the GIANT Martial Arts Hapkido Online Resource Library, the journey of 1000 miles beings in one step and we trust you will never look back in taking this first step!

The only secret to improving in martial arts is through sweat. However, this online training resource guide along with the rest of the information on our website, our Affiliations network, Facebook page, YouTube channel, your Student Workbook and further relative materials have been created from years of experience to assist you in your journey.

Use it for Guidance

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Before you start the techniques, we recommend you read and understand the philosophies and principles of training martial arts on the following pages:

Understanding Martial Arts

Appreciating Hapkido

Martial Arts History

Hapkido Belt Levels


8th Geup - Pure and ready for change.
7th Geup - Dawn, a seed ready for the journey.
6th Geup - The morning sun, open to receive knowledge as a sprout desires the sun.
5th Geup - Spring, starting to grow and take on character.


4th Geup - The sky and river, the ambition of youth and dreams.
3rd Geup - Flowering, showing maturity, beauty and nobility of growth.


2nd Geup - Fire, vibrant and alive. The physical acts of the individual are as radiant as the sun. The colour of autumn leaves, a stage of maturity.
1st Geup - The earth and foundation of the giver. Must learn that others come first.

Black Belt

Black Belt - The end, yet the beginning of studying martial arts. To embark on a journey within, to the other side of mankind's developments. Death and life are one!
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