Little Giant Hapkido Syllabus


8th Geup - Pure and ready for change.
7th Geup - Dawn, a seed ready for the journey.
6th Geup - The morning sun, open to receive knowledge as a sprout desires the sun.


5th Geup - Spring, starting to grow and take on character.
Green Advanced
4th Geup - The sky and river, the ambition of youth and dreams.
Blue Advanced


3rd Geup - Flowering, showing maturity, beauty and nobility of growth.
Purple Advanced
2nd Geup - Fire, vibrant and alive. The physical acts of the individual are as radiant as the sun. The colour of autumn leaves, a stage of maturity.
Red Advanced
1st Geup - The earth and foundation of the giver. Must learn that others come first.
Brown Advanced
Provisional Black Belt - The end, yet the beginning of studying martial arts. To embark on a journey within, to the other side of mankind's developments. Death and life are one!
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