GIANT Martial Arts is a progressive martial arts school that respects traditional values. We are dedicated to teaching excellence in self-defence, fitness, competition coaching, leadership and well-being to all ages. We offer a variety of programs to suit everyone from two years of age to seniors in their 60's.


Kylie Bonassi

I can't talk highly enough of Anthony and
Giorgio. They are wonderful with the kids, it's
a GIANT happy, safe, family environment. My
6 year old has gained so much confidence and
loves to train...

Jeff Taylor

After 30 years being involved in a variety of
martial arts styles and experiencing many
different instructors, sifu's and shihan's i have
now found a school and instructors that...

Tim Bonett

Being bigger won't make you the winner!
Training Hapkido with instructors Giorgio and
Anthony Repice at GIANT martial arts was the
best decision I ever made....



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“There is a little GIANT inside everybody
170 Stoney Creek Rd,
Bexley NSW 2207
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