Hapkido Belt Ranking System

A common question we receive is “How many belts are there in Hapkido?" and "How long does it take to get to Black Belt?"

Although the colour of your belt is important, it is the skills and multiple physical benefits you develop along the way that are really important.  The average person does not achieve a Black Belt. Reaching this level is a monumental step in your martial arts training, one that is earned in every class!

Below are the standard ranks in Hapkido. Note they take approximately 3 months to earn each belt rank. Minimum age guide to achieve Black Belt is 16 which is an average age of physical prowess where one can "hold their own" in sparring and defending against a full grown adult. Children have additional belt ranks within the colours below to achieve this minimum age.

Therefore an average time frame to get from White to Black belt in Hapkido is approximately 4-5 years starting as an adult, 6-7 years starting as a teen and 8-9 years starting as a child.

Click the ranks below to view the students who have achieved them:

Beginner Belt Ranks

8th Geup - White - Pure and ready for change.
7th Geup - Orange - Dawn, a seed ready for the journey.
6th Geup - Yellow - The morning sun, open to receive knowledge as a sprout desires the sun.
5th Geup - Green - Spring, starting to grow and take on character.

Intermediate Belt Ranks

4th Geup - Blue - The sky and river, the ambition of youth and dreams.
3rd Geup - Purple - Flowering, showing maturity, beauty and nobility of growth.

Advanced Belt Ranks

2nd Geup - Red - Fire, vibrant and alive. The physical acts of the individual are as radiant as the sun. The colour of autumn leaves, a stage of maturity.
1st Geup - Brown - The earth and foundation of the giver. Must learn that others come first.
Provisional Black Belt Level (Cho Dan)

Black Belt

Black Belt (1st Dan) - The end, yet the beginning of studying martial arts. To embark on a journey within, to the other side of mankind's developments. Death and life are one!
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