We believe that reaching your full potential should be fun!

GIANT Martial Arts is a progressive martial arts school that respects traditional values. We are dedicated to teaching excellence in Self Defence, Fitness, Competition Coaching, Leadership and Well Being.

We specialise in all ages from Pre Kindy to Teenagers and this leads into our martial arts programs for Adults which range from Hapkido, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Weapon Systems.

In our motivating classes, you will find out how much FUN reaching your full potential can be.

Covid-19 Class Update

We here at Giant Martial Arts are committed to keeping our members and their families as safe as possible. This includes both our training methods and our health & safety requirements.

We can guarantee that our facility is a completely Covid-19 safe place with all safety measures rigidly in place. However we cannot guarantee where you go and what you do. So we ask for the safety of our community to please follow all government guidelines strictly and to get tested and self-isolate if you have any symptoms of Covid-19. Click here to read all our Covid-19 Updates


Kylie Bonassi

I can't talk highly enough of Anthony & Giorgio. They are wonderful with the kids, it's
a GIANT happy, safe, family environment. My 6 year old has gained so much confidence and
loves to train...

Lilia Christofi

My whole family trains with Giant Martial Arts. We have seen an improvement in our child's confidence. My husband and I are fitter, more energetic and...

Tim Bonett

Being bigger won't always make you the winner!
Training Hapkido with instructors Giorgio and
Anthony Repice at GIANT was one of the
best decisions I ever....

Paula Challita

"These classes have played a major role in my weight loss journey, and have since lost 16kg. My energy, strength, confidence and fitness level has grown over ...


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