How old do my children need to be to start?

Are the Teachers Qualified?

Yes. All instructors are Nationally accredited through coaching programs via Australian Sports Commission approved governing bodies, as well as being First Aid trained and have Working With Children Checks. Check out our Instructor Affiliations.

Do you offer Group and Private classes?

We offer both group and private classes depending on your schedule and our Instructor's availability.

How many people are there in a group class?

Class sizes range from 5 to 30 people. The larger the class, the more assistants we will have available to help out.

Will there be beginners in my class?

Yes. There are always beginners in class and the advanced students are always keen to help get you on your way.

Do I need to be fit to start?

Absolutely not! Every student is encouraged to participate at their own pace with no expectation of fitness ability. Our beginner curriculum is designed to gradually increase strength, fitness & flexibility.

Do women train with men? Are there separate classes for women?

We have Ladies Only classes here at GIANT. During other general classes women do train with men. All the men at GIANT are nice and encouraging and we can guarantee that women will feel welcome.

I've had injuries in the past, can I still train at GIANT?

Of course you can, come and talk to us prior to commencing.

What style of martial art is best to start?

There is no "best style" of martial art. It is merely the best style that suits you. At GIANT we offer styles which cover a holistic range of various areas of combat. The best way is to try a class and you will find the right style for you. You can read about our different styles of Martial Arts

What happens in a class?

Our martial art classes are safe, dynamic and full of energy! After the warm up and stretching we have a technical stage that alternates around all areas of the curriculum for each level, ranging from self-defence & striking drills to joint locking, throwing and grappling techniques and many more. Class always finishes with strength/conditioning and a warm down. There are also a variety of sparring classes focussing on a particular areas such as kickboxing, takedowns, grappling and weapons. We also hold MMA / CrossFit / Kickboxing style Fitness conditioning classes with great health benefits.

Is there anything I should wear for my Trial? What do I bring?

For your Trial Lesson be sure to bring comfortable and loose sporting wear. No jewellery or shoes are worn on the mat. Remember to also bring a towel. We have water and sports drinks available for purchase. Once you join you will be given the required uniform and T-Shirt.

What benefits will Martial Arts at GIANT give me?

Complete physical conditioning which improves balance, posture, flexibility, timing, awareness, muscle tone, joint strength and most importantly, confidence through physical and mental discipline. The complete self defence system taught at GIANT engages all areas of combat.  No other sport or physical activity will compare with these benefits!

I have looked at other schools, how does GIANT differ?

Find out for yourself...CALL NOW to try a class or see what some of our Student Testimonials have to say! Also check out the experience of our Instructors and Black Belt Team.

Am I too old to start?

If you can walk on the mats you can train in Martial Arts. Check out Anna Lau who is started in her 60's and on her way to achieving her Blue Belt, she loves the support and encouragement she gets from the other student's who are motivated by her will to train at such an age.

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