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      2019 Annual Awards Day Xmas Party
      24th August 2004 - Our first Hapkido Martial Arts Class
      5 Tips for a good nights sleep
      8 Ways Martial Arts Can End Bullying
      Advanced Hapkido Seminar with a Master Instructor
      AHA vs GIANT Sparring Day
      Annual Awards Day & Xmas Party
      Annual Awards Day & Xmas Party 2021
      Anzac Day Public Holiday
      At home training tips and goal setting with your child!
      Australia Day Public Holiday
      Awards Day Event 2022
      Awards Day Event 2023
      Awards Day Success 2019
      Awards Day Success 2020
      Awards Day Success 2022
      Awards Day Success 2023
      BJJ & MMA Seminar with Coach Anthony Perosh
      BJJ Seminar with UFC & World Champ Anthony Perosh
      Black Belt Grading Day
      Black Belt Grading Day - Saturday April 14th
      Black Belt Grading Day 2020
      Black Belt Grading Day 2022
      Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Grading Results
      Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Grading Schedule
      Bruce Lee's Famous Weapon
      Can Martial Arts benefit academic success?
      Christmas Public Holiday Schedule
      Coronavirus Update
      Covid Lockdown Extended to 30th September 2021
      Covid-19 Update July 2020
      Dual Master Seminar
      Easter Public Holiday Schedule
      Filipino Stick and Machete Fighting
      First Aid Course @ GIANT
      GIANT August Daily Challenge
      GIANT Demo Team Update
      GIANT Hapkido Colour Belt Grading Test Schedule Released
      GIANT in your living room
      GIANT September Challenges
      Goal Setting - SMART Formula
      Goal Setting for the New Year - SMART Formula
      Halloween Training Day
      Hapkido Bi Annual Black Belt Grading Day April 2023
      Hapkido Bi Annual Black Belt Grading Day April 2024
      Hapkido Bi Annual Black Belt Grading Day October 2023
      Hapkido Seminar with Grandmaster Ryoo
      Happy Birthday Benny "The Jet" Urquidez
      Happy Birthday Coach Anthony Perosh
      Happy Birthday Grandmaster Ji Han Jae
      Happy Birthday Hapkido Black Belt Jackie Chan
      Happy Birthday James Sheedy
      Happy Birthday Jean-Claude Van Damme
      Happy Birthday Ken Shamrock
      Happy Birthday Master Phillip Rhee
      Happy Birthday Rigan Machado
      Happy Birthday to Aussie Martial Arts legend Richard Norton
      Happy Birthday to BJJ Legend Carlos Machado
      Happy Birthday to Bruce Lee
      Happy Birthday to Chuck Norris
      Happy Birthday to Hapkido Founder Choi Yong Sul
      Happy Birthday to Master Simon Rhee
      Happy Birthday to Professor Jigoro Kano
      Happy Birthday to Royce Gracie
      Happy Birthday to the Indomitable Rickson Gracie
      Happy Birthday to Weapons Coach Ray Floro
      Happy Birthday Wesley Snipes
      Happy Lunar NY 2019 (Year of the Pig) - 5 February
      Happy Teachers Day (Korea) - 15 May
      How many calories do my martial arts classes burn?
      How many extra activities does your child do?
      How to Take a Punch to the Head
      Interclub Ring Sparring Challenge
      Interclub Sparring Day
      Is Martial Arts safer than other sports like Soccer, Rugby and Aussie Rules?
      Is This Good Pain or Bad Pain?
      Join Team GIANT at the Color Run
      Joining our Live Classes
      Judo & Taekwondo Workshop & Grading
      Kali Stick Fighting
      Keeping Kids Motivated
      Ken Shamrock Seminar
      Kickboxing Grading Preparation
      Kids Long Staff Weapon Course
      Kids Nunchaku Weapon Course
      Kids Stick & Shield DanTa Weapon Course
      Kids Sword Weapon Course
      Kids/Youth Weapons Program Launch
      Kinetic Fighting - Australian Army Combatives
      Kings Birthday Public Holiday
      Knife Seminar with the Teachers Teacher Ray Floro
      Labour Day Public Holiday
      Learn how to defend against a knife attack
      Learn to arrest with a baton and defend against a knife
      Long Staff Grading
      Managing Sibling Fights
      Master Ryoo Seminar @ GIANT
      MMA Wrestling Seminar
      Moving Forward Women's Self Defence Course
      National Champions of the Australian Hapkido Federation Tournament
      New Updated Timetable
      No-Gi Wrestling Perosh Seminar
      NSW Active Kids Partnership
      Outdoor Training Camp - March 2021
      Outdoor Training Camp - September 2019
      Outdoor Training Camp 2023
      Perosh Seminar
      Phase 2 - Back on the mats!
      Phase 3 - Full Contact
      Police Baton Grading Results
      Queens Birthday Public Holiday
      Recent Hapkido Colour Belt Grading Test Results
      Recent Kickboxing Grading Results
      Richard Norton Seminar
      School Holiday Camp
      Seminar with 8th Degree Coral Belt Carlos Machado
      Short Stick Baton Weapons Course - August
      Sideline Parenting
      Special Fathers Day Class
      Special Mothers Day Classes
      Student of the Month 2019
      Student of the Month 2020
      Student of the Month 2021
      Student of the Month 2022
      Student of the Month 2023
      Student of the Month 2024
      Successful Dual Master Knife Defence & Kicking Seminar
      Sword/Dos Manos Weapon Grading
      The GIANT Splits Club - Benefits of Stretching
      Tips for Martial Arts training this winter...
      Valuable Article on Managing Injury
      Virtual Online Training
      Weapons Grading coming up
      Weapons Long Staff & Sword (Dos Manos) Grading Results
      Weapons Sparring Day Invitational
      What does Legacy mean?
      Women's Only Program Grading Test
      World Teachers Day - 5th October
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