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Covid-19 Live Class Update

In addition to the full Online Resource Library, GIANT Martial Arts has been offering succesful Live Classes since the restrictions on ceasing classes due to the Coronavirus.

To benefit from Live Classes as well as the Online Resource Library, click the following link:

Live Class Action

Your Complete Martial Art Online Program

There is no substitute for the hands-on instruction you will receive on the mat with a qualified instructor and suitable training partners, however the GIANT Online Resource Library (ORL) will help as a reference on and off the mat.

Please note that the GIANT Online Resource Library is NOT an online grading system, therefore to improve your rank you must get to the gym regularly, train in the standard class environment and grade in the proper test format.

It will however be a great guide when it comes to your grading. The GIANT ORL offers video instruction in Hapkido, Kickboxing, BJJ and Weapon Systems. Check out the following video on how easy it is to navigate:

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Here are 5 benefits of using the GIANT Online Resource Library:

    1. 24 Hour Access: Access your full self defence curriculum anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer!
    2. Complete Curriculum: All the techniques across multiple martial arts styles set into a step by step logical, clearly defined, systematic curriculum from white to black belt and beyond, all of which will eventually be available to you as you progress through the ranks. Over 600 training videos with countless hours of footage.
    3. Pure Techniques: The quality of instruction varies from one martial arts school to the next. The GIANT Online Resource Library has been approved by all affiliated coaches & masters and you can be sure that you are receiving instruction of the highest regard.
    4.  Drills: In addition to the complete curriculum, there are also exercises and drills you can do to begin building reflexes in the execution of the techniques for striking, throwing, wrestling or training in weapons. In other words, we don't just show you the techniques, we teach you how to build muscle memory and make them your own!
    5. Value for Money: GIANT is a martial arts academy that looks to support your learning not only on the mat but also in the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world on your phone, tablet or laptop. Now that's an academy with a difference! An entire online resource library at your fingertips for very competitive fees.


    "With my partner in the defence force and away from home frequently, it is often challenging to get to the classes for our son Ollie, who has been enjoying his learning with Giant Martial Arts for almost 2 years now. When he misses classes it can be very hard to keep up.

    With the introduction of the Online Resource Library, Ollie is able to watch each tip at home, and begin to understand the process and movements involved. He then can go to class, and perfect the moves with Anthony, Giorgio and the team leaders, without feeling like he has never seen them before, or feeling left behind.

    The videos are clear and easy to follow, and we as parents are able to help Ollie practice moves he has learnt in class.

    The ORL is so cost effective, around $2 a week makes a huge difference to Ollie's confidence both in and out of the training centre" - Kim Fairbrass

    "My family went on holidays for almost 6 weeks at the start of September. I told Liana not to worry, to enjoy the long holiday, that we wouldn't be grading in October. While on holiday during those times waiting for dinner or an available shower... :), Liana and I would browse the ORL, just to keep it in mind. 

    When we got back (with only 2 weeks left till grading), we were extremely surprised how much we did memorise!

    So much so , that we both managed to get all our tips AND GRADE !!! I only wish I had a cheat sheet like the ORL when I was back at school :)" - Elvis Roda

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    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Syllabus
    White Belt
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    Brown Belt

    BJJ White Belt Syllabus Highlight

    Weapons Syllabus
    Short Stick/Baton
    Long Staff
    Knife Defence
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