Martial Arts for Teens

Teenage years can be a joy for some, but a raging storm of emotions for others. Here at GIANT we ensure your teen is surrounded by positive role models and aim to take the strain off you as a parent as well as the strain that your child carries.

At this age young teens are becoming more susceptible to peer pressure as their network of friends starts to grow and their environment changes. We focus on building confidence through mental and physical training to help them make better decisions.

We teach that the skills we learn in class will help your child defend themselves but must only be used as the last resort. The training will instil respect, discipline, perseverance and leadership. This translates effortlessly into the outside world with an understanding that respect given is respect due and that with hard work, you can achieve.

This program will set your child on the right path into becoming a very respectful and diligent young adult.

Teen Martial Arts

This program is catered for high school in grades, approximately ages 12 to 16. It is an important time in a child's life as they prepare for a new and challenging school environment.

We focus on incorporating martial arts skills into a holistic approach to self defence and personal development.

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Teens Kickboxing

This program is a High-Energy workout that will Boost Confidence, Improve Co-ordination and give your teen skills for self defence!

We cater to teenagers and adults of all fitness and skill levels for both men and women.  We will work with you to achieve your personal goals whether its to shred fat, get fit or train to compete. No prior experience necessary!

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Teens aged 16+ are welcome to try our Adults Martial Art programs below:

Complete self defence system.
Adults KB - Striking skills that burn 500-600 calories.
Grappling & wrestling skills.
Skills in over 10 weapon systems.

Teens & Adults Timetable

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