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Anthony is a full time instructor at Giant Martial Arts. He began his Martial Art training with brother Giorgio in August 2004, joining Youngs Martial Arts in Homebush, Sydney under the guidance of Master Jaesung Shin (pictured) who at the time was a 3rd degree in Hapkido, 3rd degree in Judo and a keen body builder who competed for the "Mr Korea" national title in 1994.

In the following year Master Shin left to teach in the USA and Anthony then learnt from the head of the school, Grandmaster Young Seol Ryoo (pictured with students Giorgio & Anthony Repice) and also another Master Yong Kil Kim.

Anthony and his brother primarily trained in Hapkido, however the three masters had various skills in Taekwondo, Judo and Weapon Systems which diversified the skills of their students. Training was challenging with alot of traditional conditioning and a full day marathon black belt grading. Click to view a short clip of the three masters along with the Korean Tiger team promoting Taekwondo at the 2000 Olympic games shortly after they arrived in Australia in 1999.

Anthony fell in love with Martial Arts and within a few short years was put up the front to commence teaching the classes at age 17. It wasn't long after that he decided Martial Arts was going to be his life and he began full time employment with Grandmaster Ryoo, which eventually led to him being the senior instructor of the school.

Youngs Martial Arts grew to become the Hapkido College of Australia and then the Martial Arts College International (MACI) which it proudly stands today as the governing body to various martial arts, led by Grandmaster Ryoo who holds an 8th Degree rank in Hapkido as well as being the founder of the competitive weapons system of Danta (Fast Strike). Anthony is currently the longest serving student of Grandmaster Ryoo and to date he still trains with the Grandmaster regularly.

Anthony's first trip to South Korea with the Masters, his brother and a team of students from the College was in 2008 Click for Korea Trip video 2008. He experienced Korean culture, sightseeing, the ancient art of Ssireum (form of Korean Wrestling similar to Japanese Sumo) and the art of Taekkyon (a system that emphasizes strikes and acrobatics in a dance form such as Brazilian Capoeira). He also enjoyed a lot of various martial arts training in both the cities and the mountains including training with Korea Hapkido Federation masters from the popular documentary Fight Quest. Anthony was also involved in a sistership that was formed with the large North Eastern school of the Sesung Kwan Hapkido organisation and he forged new friendships that still last to this day. Anthony continues to return to South Korea frequently to improve his skills and maintain long lasting friendships. At his last trip in 2015 he got to meet and train with Grandmaster Ji Han Jae who is one of the last existing students of Hapkido founder Choi, Yong Sul. (pictured with Grandmaster Ryoo & students)

The birth of the Giant Martial Arts full time studio in 2013 was a fulfilled dream. Still under the guidance of his Grandmaster Ryoo and learning from many other great instructors, Anthony continues his journey, passing on teaching to hundreds of students across the nation. Anthony is also very active in the local community, visiting local schools on a regular basis, rewarding the students with bullying advice and self-defence training.

In addition to Hapkido, he continues to train and grade in four other martial art systems of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Machado), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Taekwondo (ITF) and Weapon Systems of Ray Floro (Floro Fighting Systems).

Anthony's approach to Martial Arts has always been open minded and honest. His goal is to constantly create a challenging environment for his students to face diverse physical and mental conditions to improve their growth and enjoy as he has, the endless journey in Martial Arts.


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