24th August 2004 - Our first Hapkido Martial Arts Class

Written on the 21 July 2019

24th August 2004 - Our first Hapkido Martial Arts Class

Do you remember your first Martial Arts class?

Giorgio and Anthony stepped into their first Hapkido Martial Arts class together on Tuesday, 24th August 2004.

Giorgio was a 21 year old young adult who was bored of lifting weights at the gym and wanted to get back into martial arts since learning Karate as a child.

His friend named David Kang referred him to Youngs Martial Arts in Homebush. Anthony was a quiet, skinny 15 year old teenager with little confidence who reluctantly went along due to his older brother's persuasion.

At their first lesson they met Master Jaesung Shin who took them through basic falling techniques, Master Ryoo the head of the school was also present. The Masters skill, passion and enthusiasm for teaching rubbed off and the brothers signed up straight away.

The rest is history......all these years later the brothers have their own school, have trained, competed, taught internationally and made many good friends along the journey. Anthony following his master's footsteps made a successful full time career of martial arts, Giorgio although having many other hobbies and a property career path has credited all his success and life balance to the values and lessons taught in Martial Arts.

Do you remember your first Martial Arts class and what reasons you started martial arts?

Check out some of the pics from these early years with adventures on and off the mat. Alot of the people in these early photos are still friend's today...

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