Annual Awards Day & Xmas Party

Written on the 22 November 2018

Annual Awards Day & Xmas Party

What a wonderful day this turned out to be!

Big thank you too all who attended the GIANT Christmas party! Awesome to had seen such a large turnout with over 250 people in attendance. Thank you to all the Student leader members, parent volunteers and Demo Team that helped throughout the day.

In addition to great weather, the Xmas party brought a good sense of community and we trust everyone enjoyed themselves! Huge congratulations to Joshua Charr and Justin Souros who were presented their official Black Belts by our Master Ryoo. Both Justin and Josh shared memorable moments in their journey towards achieving their Black Belt and provided inspirational advice to the junior peers in the audience. Both Black Belts representing a great example to what it is to be a GIANT!

Looking forward to next year already!


Awards and recognition are as follows:

Black Belt Recipients:

1st Degree Black Belt - Joshua Chaar & Justin Souros

Competitors of the Year:

To the GIANT Demo Team as National Champions winning first place at the AHF Championships in Canberra June 2018

Anthony Repice, Giorgio Repice, Joshuar Chaar, Justin Souros, Bill Wannous, Denzel Badawi-Pirini, Trevor Badawi-Pirini, James Keremelevski, Victoria Garrido, Hady Hamdan,  Amy Hamdan, Gabriela La Cava and Xavier Lorenzo

Check out this team in action below:

Student Leaders of 2018:

The team in Blue is growing, we recognise them as follows:

STORM Level 2

Joshuar Chaar, Bill Wannous, Justin Souros, Gabriela La Cava, Jasmine Vasilevski

SWAT Level 1

George Mantzavrakos, Antonia Gregoriou, Chris Gregoriou, Georgia Athanasopoulos, Anthony Keremelevski, Xavier Lorenzo, Lucas De Sousa, Amy Hamdan, Roger Hoang, Johnny Hoang,  Annie Guo, Kamal Mourad, Stuart Nurse, Lucy Savignano, Mikayla Savignano, Kara Giardullo, 
Ethan Giardullo and Anastasia Kittos.


Student's of the Year for 2018:

To the  students who have consistently shown not just good technique, but followed with great attitude to training and helping others, we recognise:

Tiny Titans Class (Pre Kindy and Grade 1)

Tristan Lorenzo, Evan Koulizakis and Alexander Papadopoulos

Little Giants Grade 2 and 3 Class

Nadia Savignano, Marco Savignano and Lamar Mourad

Little Giants Grade 4, 5 and 6 Class

Kye Carey and Ella Carey

Little Giants Advanced Class

Lucas De Sousa

Goliath Teen Beginners Class

Roger Hoang

Goliath Teen Advanced Class

Antonia Gregoriou

Adults Class

Lilia Christofi and George Mantzavrakos

Kickboxing Class

Paula Challita


Check out the Demo team adding a mix of comedy to their routine on the day:


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