Black Belt Grading Day 2020

Written on the 24 October 2020

Black Belt Grading Day 2020


We CONGRATULATE Giorgio and Bill on passing their gruelling Hapkido Black Belt Grading test in October!

Check out a tribute from Giorgio on how he got through the day:

Giorgio last graded in 2016 and is due for his 4th Degree. Bill is going for his 1st Degree and started his training in 2016.

The grading will be held on Sunday 11th October 2020. Due to Covid-19 restrictions there will be a limit to spectators for the grading. The test room will be limited to 20 people.

Be sure to wish them luck!

One of the greatest challenges an individual must look to get through to completing is the Hapkido Black Belt Test set by the Martial Arts College International (MACI).

This test is recognised by the Korea Hapkido Federation and once completed they will certify you for the required degree.

Once a MACI student has completed their Provisional Black Belt level within their dojang they will then be given a 15 page examination test booklet to complete in form on the day. The examination is broken down into parts consisting of:

1) Physical Strength & Endurance, including all falling techniques

2) Meditation

3) Hand Striking

4) Kicking

5) Striking Combinations

6) Self Defence through all levels from White Belt to the current degree being tested

7) Self Defence Demonstrations

8) Circle Work against multiple attackers

9) Mixed Sparring

This test commences at 6:00am and must be completed by 1pm. All students going for this test must be signed off by their dojang instructor, confirming they are ready, complete their black belt application form, pay all fees required and be in good form with full uniform and sparring equipment on the day. (it is recommended to bring a spare uniform).


View the full list of Black Belt Graduates


View footage from previous tests below:

2018 - Joshua Charr and Justin Selems Souros to 1st Degree


2016 - Instructor Giorgio Repice (3rd Degree) - Eve Andersson, Pavle Cajic and Misha Cajic (1st Degree) 

2015 - Tim Bonett to 1st Degree

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