Coronavirus Update

Written on the 10 March 2020

Hi Team,

We understand with so much information relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the media, you may have concerns about how the situation is being managed at GIANT.

The safety and wellbeing of our members has always, and will continue to be, our top priority.

During this challenging time we will be implementing increased hygiene policies to ensure that our club is still a safe facility and training environment.

The new policies in place until the situation with COVID-19 settles are:

1) The 'Check In' iPad has been put away. The staff will manage all attendances for classes.

2) All students will be administered hand sanitiser before class. At the end of class, students will be encouraged to do the same for themselves.

3) All equipment used during a class must be placed in the back corner of the room, in front of the equipment area, to be wiped down and cleaned. Students' help with this is greatly appreciated.

4) The curriculum sheet will be handled only by the instructor running the class. It will be placed somewhere on the mat during group training for your reference.

5) Hi 5s and fist bumps are being replaced with forearm bumps.

6) All Kids, Teens and Hapkido classes will now be 'no-contact' based. Techniques will be amended to suit.

7) ALL MEMBERS WILL BE RECEIVING FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO THE ONLINE RESOURCE LIBRARY TO KEEP UP WITH PRACTICE AT HOME. For those who have already purchased it, amendments will be made to extend your subscription dates. Please email us at to request access.

What does that mean for the tips that include contact with a partner?

Some of the techniques can be drilled individually or with equipment. We will not be testing for contact grappling techniques such as Green, Blue and Black Tips for the present time.

How will this affect Grading in April?

We have every intention on holding Grading in April if possible. Provisions will be given and the testing requirements will be amended to suit the situation at the time.

How does this affect my tuition?

As GIANT is still hosting all classes, tuition will be continue as normal. The choice to stay home is still completely yours, which is why we've offered the Free Online Resource Library. If you are considering on ceasing your training during this time, please know that the Online Resource Library will not be offered as an extra service. Also, please reconsider ceasing your training completely, as we all want a Gym to come back to once this is all over

Thank you for your understanding. We trust that you appreciate everything we are doing to get us through this difficult time. WE WILL BEAT THIS!

Kind Regards,

Anthony & Giorgio Repice


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