Filipino Stick and Machete Fighting

Written on the 2 January 2020

Filipino Stick and Machete Fighting

Recently we had a group of students participate in a grading test on one of the GIANT weapon systems of Stick and Machete.

Congratulations to everyone who passed their new ranks!

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Check out the highlight video of the grading which demonstrates the many skills the students learnt especially in sparring distance, timing and reaction. In this course the students looked into the Filipino art of Kali and two of it's main weapons, the Medium Stick and Machete.

Filipino Kali is the art of stick fighting using hard bamboo sticks to strike and defend. Filipino Kali also teaches other weapons fighting before bare hand-to-hand combat. Kali is an ancient term used to signify the martial arts in the region of the Philippines. The Spaniards called the art Eskrima or Arnis.

In addition to Filipino concepts the student learnt the "Lamb Baton Method" which has been employed by police and military trainers all over the world. This is what weapons coach Ray Floro has to say about this system:

"Developed by Arthur Lamb in 1969. I consider it one of the best baton systems. He breaks it up into 7 "Phases" and the use of fakes is to me GENIUS!"


The next course is an extreme range changer, the Long Staff.




If you would like more information on our weapon systems click this link. All GIANT Weapon systems are endorsed by Coach Raymond Floro and Master Young-Seol Ryoo.

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