Goal Setting for the New Year - SMART Formula

Written on the 1 January 2021 by Instructor Giorgio Repice

Goal Setting for the New Year - SMART Formula


Some of the reasons people train at GIANT are to improve their self-defence, fitness, child's focus, confidence, competition or overall health and more. However to get the most out of your training and your life in general it is better to set specific goals to make a real difference in your life.

It all starts with your reason, your why, your legacy? Why do you really want to train in Martial Arts? Why do get up every morning and do what you do?

EXAMPLE: If you say your general goal was to "Get in shape", "Get rich", "Be happy" or "Enjoy a hobby", just stating this is too broad. It's now time to break your goals down to actions. The following S.M.A.R.T formula will help:

Specific: have a clear focus and define precisely what you hope to achieve. Eg. "Get a Black Belt", "Take regular vacations", "Reduce mortgage", "Get married"  etc.

Measurable:  should chart progress along the way. How will you know you have reached your goal? Eg. If on average the Hapkido Black Belt has been achieved in 4-5 years by an adult who is consistently training, then you can chart progress towards this on a timeframe. The colour belt system and class upgrades will help with this timeframe. Other examples are to measure how many vacations you would like to take, how much of the mortgage you need to reduce, quit smoking in 2 months etc.

Attainable: should be broken into smaller bite size tasks so they aren't heavy on the mind. This will mean changing daily habits to reach your goal. Eg. Join a martial arts gym and train 2-3 days per week with the aim to grade approximately every 3 months. Cut soft drink out of my daily diet. Cut one carb out of my daily diet (e.g. bread, rice or pasta). Smoke 1 less cigarette per day to be able to quit in 2 months. Read one book per month or listen to one educational podcast per day. Save $X amount of money per week to put towards the mortgage. Spend $X amount less than I earn and invest the difference etc.

Relevant/Realistic: is the goal Relevant or Realistic to your life? Goals should be a bit of a stretch, but not so much as to be out of reach. A goal should push you to new levels but not be impractical or improbable. Eg. I want my Black Belt in one year! I want an extra one million dollars in my account next week! Be HONEST AND REALISTIC with yourself. The harder you are on you, the easier you make life"

Time Bound:  set yourself definite end points of each goal. Also be sure to reward yourself for each milestone you reach. Its good to also note the "T" as Tangible = Create a mental vision of your goal. See, hear, taste, smell or touch it in some way. Place a photo of your goal up somewhere you can see it every day. Play music or listen to podcasts that relate to you getting to your goal. Surround yourself with likeminded successful people who will support you getting to your goal.

Probably one of the most powerful Audio Books on Goal Setting is stated by the great Zig Ziglar! Find yourself an hour and listen to the FREE Audio book below:

Let's see you through to reaching some BIG goals this year!

Author:Instructor Giorgio Repice
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