How many calories do my martial arts classes burn?

Written on the 1 March 2020

How many calories do my martial arts classes burn?

Martial Arts has been proven to be a good way to burn calories and shred fat. This article will provide real evidence from three GIANT Martial Arts male adult students who weigh approx 75-80kg. One student had monitored his classes from October 2018 to March 2019, so we have almost 6 months of calorie burning evidence.

Before we get into the class evidence, lets compare the calories burnt with other activities over a one-hour period for a similar sized male:


Everyday Activities

- Sleeping 50-60 calories
- Watching Television 55-70 calories
- Reading (sitting) 80-90 calories
- Walking (3 kmph) 200-220 calories
- Gardening 330-350 calories

Martial Arts Related Activities

- Yoga 290-320 calories
- Tai Chi 290-320 calories
- Resistance (weight) training 370-400 calories
- Swimming 500-550 calories
- Running (10mins/1.5km) 650-700 calories


Here is what the GIANT Martial Arts calorie study has shown:

Hapkido (broken up by the following classes)

- Yellow Tip - Movement, Strength & Conditioning Classes 600-630 calories
- Blue/Green Tip -  Grappling & Wrestling Classes 475-500 calories
- Red Tip - Striking classes with sparring 620-640 calories
- Black Tip - Self-defence classes with circle work and pressure games 430-450 calories

Kickboxing Classes

Burnt on average 650-700 calories

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes

Burnt on average 560-600 calories

Hapkido Grading Test

A 1.5 hour grading test for a purple belt who was one of the male students clocked up a whopping 992 calories. WOW!


Calorie equivalent to yummy junk food

650 calories burned by an entire one hour GIANT Martial Arts class is roughly equal to the following junk foods/drinks:

7-9 chocolate chip cookies or
4-5 schooners of beer or
2-3 slices of pizza or
Less than a Big Mac meal with fries and a Coke (which equals roughly 1,250 calories)

So eating cookies, beer, pizza and Maccas during the week might mean weeks of extra martial arts classes in order to burn off the accumulated calories and catch up. Alternatively you could eat whatever you wanted leading up to grading time as the GIANT Grading test has a burn of over 900 calories!!!

Hope you have enjoyed this information and can now plan your workouts around your diet! Please like and share with your friends who could benefit from the information.

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