Kids Stick & Shield DanTa Weapon Course

Written on the 4 May 2024

Kids Stick & Shield DanTa Weapon Course




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After a successful Nunchaku course for kids we now present the Danta weapons course which relates to "Stick & Shield".

Like the art of Fencing, children will learn to respect and handle a weapon safely. They will upskill in distance, timing, reaction and gain confidence through sparring safely with the weapons.

The classes will be full of fun and energy and the term will end with a certified grading and a tournament where the kids can test themselves in a safe and encouraging environment.

Course will start now and classes will be held every Thursday at 5:15pm after the Goliath beginners class and before the Teens Hapkido class.

The course is open to children from grade 2 to grade 7 (approximately age 7 to 13) all Little Giants, Goliaths and Youth under age 14. Participants will be paired with kids their age/weight.

To get started children will need to purchase a headgear with face mask available for purchase at the academy. We are doing a special promo where you will get a headgear and the entire 12 week course for $120. (Headgear valued at $80). If you already have a suitable headgear, the course cost is $60. The weapons and shields will be supplied by GIANT.

The Grading and Tournament dates will be released for sometime closer to June.

Enjoy an old Danta promo featuring the founder Grandmaster Ryoo and coaches Giorgio & Anthony Repice, also see if you can spot the Roman Gladiator:

Since 2011, Danta tournaments have taken place throughout Australia, Korea and the USA. Below a 2013 highlight video of coaches Giorgio & Anthony with their Danta team marching through Sydney for the Chinese Lunar New Year parade showcasing their Danta skills:

Look forward to your participation in the course.




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