Kinetic Fighting - Australian Army Combatives

Written on the 7 February 2020

Kinetic Fighting - Australian Army Combatives

Kinetic Fighting (KEF) are world leaders in combat and skills enhancement. An elite team, comprised of former Australian Special Forces members and martial arts experts, have developed highly-advanced and customised skills-enhancement courses for the Australian Defence Force and other government agencies.

This training is now is being offered to civilians!

* Learn the training and mindset of a special forces soldier. No experience necessary.

* Adaptable to any martial art or professional operational procedure.

* Suitable for civilians & front-line operators, from beginners to professionals.

* Backed by Paul Cale's 25+ years of career military experience & 40 years in martial arts, as well as Geordie's own extensive experience and qualifications.

The Alpha Level 1 course will be held @ GIANT Martial Arts on Friday, February 28th 2020 from 6pm and hosted by Combatives Master Trainer (CMT) Geordie Lavers McBain. This will be a good step to set yourself up for Alpha Level 2 and Bravo Level 2 being hosted by Paul Cale himself on the Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend.


Click here for cost and registration for all courses.


Who is Paul Cale?

Special Forces Trainer, Afghanistan Veteran, Body Guard to the Australian Prime Minister, has a Black Belt rank in over 8 styles of Martial Arts including BJJ, Karate, Judo and Taekwondo to say the least. Paul Cale currently oversees the delivery of the Army Combatives Program (ACP) and Individual Combat Behaviours (ICB) training for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Regardless of who his client is, Paul is driven by the company mantra, 'excellence over everything'.


Kinetic Fighting Integrated Combat (KEFIC) is a system of mental and physical training, designed to instil a survival mindset while developing the skill sets to support it. In this and many other ways, it reflects the Australian Defence Force system to which it is aligned: the Army Combatives Program, or ACP.

KEFIC courses focus on principle-based learning to facilitate faster uptake and flexibility in application, so our trainees get the most value out of every short course. Our instructors' mission is to provide you with the framework and understanding needed to develop the skills taught, as well as your existing skill sets, for effective application in close combat.

Kinetic Fighting was first developed to keep soldiers alive in war zones. So, even though the KEFIC program is tailored for use in an everyday setting under common law, the goal of the training is the same: survive, no matter what.

Learn more about the Kinetic Fighting personal combatives and ranking system


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