Recent Hapkido Colour Belt Grading Test Results

Written on the 1 November 2021

Recent Hapkido Colour Belt Grading Test Results


Congratulations to all students who passed last weeks grading which completes Term 3 of 2021.

Over 140 students participated in 7 different grading test groups from Wednesday through to Saturday.

Special mention to Elvis Roda & Danny Challita on their Provisional Black Belt achievement, also Zahid Bank and Ethan Giardullo on their Brown Belt achievements.

An amazing week of accomplishment!

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Now we begin Term 4 ending in late January 2021. Let's get kicking into it!

Check out the official Term 3 Grading Highlight video:


Below are more video highlights of previous colour belt grading events. This can give you an idea of the mix of skills from all different age groups from kids through to adults that you can see at a typical Hapkido colour belt grading @ GIANT.

Term 1 April 2021


Term 4 January 2021


Term 3 October 2020


Term 2 July 2020

Term 4 February 2020


Term 3 October 2019


Term 2 July 2019:


Term 1 April 2019:

Term 4 February 2019:

Term 3 October 2018:


Term 2 July 2018:


Term 1 April 2018:


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