Student of the Month 2020

Written on the 2 May 2020

Student of the Month 2020

Congratulations to the recent Students of the Month who have shown great effort, attitude  and dedication toward their training, shining above the rest. Only one student gets chosen in each of the martial art programs.

Remember that once you receive a Student of the Month award, you are in the running for Student of the Year!


In April 2020 we recognise:

This month was a little different as the whole month was Zoom classes online due to Covid-19. Big shoutout to the following dedicated champions!

Tiny Titans - Max Reis
Little Giants - Charlie Howard
Goliaths - Liana Gomes Roda
Goliaths Int/Adv - Ella Carey
Teens - Laurence Screnci
Teens Int/Adv - Ethan Loreto
Adults - Linda Petrevski


In March 2020 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Rocco Papdakis
Tiny Titans - Lucas Cho
Little Giants - Aidan Adams-Smith
Goliaths - Marco Savignano
Goliaths Int/Adv - Zoe De Sousa
Teens - Dimitri Apostolidis
Teens Int/Adv - Kamal Mourad
Hapkido - Elvis Roda
Kickboxing - Joanna Gregoriou
BJJ - Nicholas Papadopoulos
Weapons - Stuart Nurse


In February 2020 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Alessandra Elias
Tiny Titans - Marko Nedelkovski
Little Giants - Zahraa Mourad
Goliaths - Lamar Mourad
Goliaths Int/Adv - Max Kalpage-Cox
Teens - Chris Attieh
Teens Int/Adv - Jasmine Vasilevski
Hapkido - Chris Gregoriou
Kickboxing - Tahira Ramadan
BJJ - Leonidas Triantafyllou
Weapons - George Mantzavrakos


In January 2020 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Ali Dib
Tiny Titans - Jonathan Udit
Little Giants - Nikolas Howley
Goliaths - Carey Liu
Goliaths Int/Adv - Karim Hijazi
Teens - Nomiki Michailou
Teens Int/Adv - Odin Collier
Hapkido - Zahid Bank
Kickboxing - Tim Thimou
BJJ - Bill Wannous
Weapons - Gabriela La Cava


In December 2019 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Renate Rhedey
Tiny Titans - Youssef Matar
Little Giants - Anastan Diavatiotis
Goliaths - Claresta Lim
Teens - Rhiannon Phillips
Hapkido - Stuart Nurse
Kickboxing - Terri Howley
BJJ - Gabriela La Cava
Weapons - George Mantzavrakos




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