Student of the Month 2021

Written on the 30 November 2021

Student of the Month 2021


Congratulations to the recent Students of the Month who have shown great effort, attitude and dedication toward their training, shining above the rest. Only one student gets chosen in each of the martial art programs.

Remember that once you receive a Student of the Month award, you are in the running for Student of the Year!


In November 2021 we recognise:

Mini MitesJohnathan Capobianco
Tiny TitansZaynab Fahs
Little GiantsLucas Liang
GoliathsWilliam Nguyen
Goliaths IntTallulah Ng
TeensOnisa Angelwin
Teens IntNatalie Vasilevski
HapkidoChris Gregoriou
KickboxingPaula Challita
BJJLuca Taylor
WeaponsStuart Nurse


In October 2021 we recognise:


Tiny TitansMia Reis
Little GiantsNicholas Nema
GoliathsSam Gregoriou
Goliaths IntMax Kalpage-Cox
TeensAnastasia Richardson
Teens Int/AdvRuby Baxter
HapkidoKamal Mourad
KickboxingJohn Elias
BJJDomenic Dyson
WeaponsSharon Lo


In September 2021 we recognise:

Well done to these students who not only have persevered through 3 months of online classes, but did it with zest and drive.

Tiny Titans -Jasper Huang
Little Giants -Gabriella Ibrahim
Goliaths -Lara Miguel
Goliaths Int. - Nikolas Howley
Teens - Emily Stoilovski
Teens Int. - Cassie Curtis
Hapkido - Dion Fena


In August 2021 we recognise:

This past month like July classes were taught live online. Big shoutout to the following dedicated students who not only kept up their training during Covid, but did it consistently and with great attitude and technique!

Tiny Titans -Zara Kooijman
Little Giants -Orlando Repice
Goliaths -Kenji Lawer
Goliaths Adv -Alexander Aktypis
Teens -Vaughn McGrath
Teens Adv -Kye Carey
Hapkido -Elvis Roda
Kickboxing -Gareth Fairbrass
BJJ -Andrew Bellis


In July 2021 we recognise:

This month was a little different as the whole month was in Virtual Live classes online due to Lockdown 2.0. Big shoutout to the following dedicated champions!

Tiny Titans - Hassaan Hijazi
Little Giants - Charlie Howard
Goliaths - Valanti Filippopoulos
Goliaths Int - Zoe De Sousa
Teens - Conor Pham
Teens Int/Adv - Dimitri Apostolidis
Hapkido - Linda Petrevski
Kickboxing - Tarek Chaalan
BJJ - Nicholas Papadopoulos
Weapons - Vannie Kha


In June 2021 we recognise:

Majority of June was trained on the mat with Sydney Lockdown commencing on the 25th. Well done to the following.

Mini Mites - Ariana Alaouie
Tiny Titans - Renate Rhedey
Little Giants - Lucas Liang
Goliaths - Isabel Venturino
Goliaths Int. - Ben Clancy
Teens - Henry Hidajat
Teens Int/Adv. - Kara Giardullo
Hapkido - Farzana Farzana
Kickboxing - Vicky King
BJJ - Domenic Dyson
Weapons - Cameron Nurse


May 2021 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Christian Koutsakis
Tiny Titans - Adrian Gregoriou
Little Giants - Noah El-Mokdad
Goliaths - Anniah Theodosiou
Goliaths Int. - Karim Hijazi
Teens - Nicholas Ristev
Teens Int/Adv - Anthony Baladi
Hapkido - Bimal Shrestha
Kickboxing - Brandon Stojanovski
BJJ - Nicholas Papadaopoulos
Weapons - Sharon Lo


In April 2021 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Zayn Taleb
Tiny Titans - Samuel Clavijo Reyes
Little Giants - Anja Nedelkovska
Goliaths - Fotini Apostolidis
Goliaths Int. - Alexander Aktypis
Teens - Angela Xue
Teens Int/Adv. - Christopher Attieh
Hapkido - Chris Gregoriou
Kickboxing - Sharon Lo
BJJ - Rosemary Goncalves
Weapons - George Mantzavrakos


In March 2021 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Mile Damjanov
Tiny Titans - Alexander Kicsak
Little Giants - Milan Kotsopoulos
Goliaths - Chantelle Stojanovski
Goliaths Int. - Liana Gomes Roda
Teens - Harry Koralis
Teens Int/Adv - Kelly Liu
Hapkido - Ryan Andonoski
Kickboxing - George Braithwaite
BJJ - John Elias
Weapons - Simon Moss


In February 2021 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Jacob Wescon
Tiny Titans - Nikolaos Kontis
Little Giants - Adam Sammour
Goliaths - Raneem El-Iaaly
Goliaths Int. - Max Kalpage-Cox
Teens - Rosemary Goncalves
Teens Int/Adv. - Jasmine Vasilevski
Hapkido - Richard McKay
Kickboxing - Michael Filippopoulos
BJJ - Dion Fena
Weapons - Simon Moss


In January 2021 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Maryam El Najjar
Tiny Titans - Ella Cook
Little Giants - Youssef Matar
Goliaths - Mia Mourad
Goliaths Int. - Ruby Baxter
Teens - Justin Stojanovski
Teens Int/Adv - Dimitri Stavropoulos
Hapkido - Lilia Christofi
Kickboxing - Chris Gregoriou
BJJ - George Mantzavrakos
Weapons - Cameron Nurse


In December 2020 we recognise:

Mini Mites - Dion Piperitis
Tiny Titans - Trifun Damjanov
Little Giants - Christian Challita
Goliaths - Dylan Ryder
Goliaths Int - Kye Carey
Teens - Nicholas Ristev
Teens Int/Adv - Kamal Mourad
Hapkido - Tracy Yao
Kickboxing - Linda Petrevski
BJJ - George Braithwaite
Weapons - Stuart Nurse




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