The GIANT Splits Club - Benefits of Stretching

Written on the 25 October 2020

The GIANT Splits Club - Benefits of Stretching


We welcome Ahmad Wehbi, Anastasia Kittos, Fotini Apostolidis, Anastasia Gregoriou and Kara Giardullo to the GIANT Splits Club!

Flexibility is fundamental to any martial artist independent of their skill level.

Keeping a good degree of flexibility in the whole body is important. As a martial artist, we concentrate mainly on lower back and leg flexibility, especially the hip joint. But we shouldn't forget the rest of the body.


Full body stretching provides the following numerous benefits that enhance martial arts training as well as other athletic activities:

1) Increases range of motion. Stretching will help you to achieve higher kicks (i.e. axe kicks) or more difficult grappling positions.

2) Reduces the potential for martial arts injuries by loosening tight muscles.

3) Possibly speeds the recovery time from injuries. Physical trainers often use gentle stretching after an injury to help restore flexibility and strength.

4) Reduces muscle soreness after an intense martial arts workout.

5) Potential for improvement to punching or kicking power due to a wider range of motion and limb flexibility.

6) Increases blood flow to your muscles and thus enhances muscular development.

7) Provides stress relief as you loosen tight muscles.

8) Enhances mental focus as you concentrate on the stretch prior to beginning more intense martial arts training. Some martial artists use the stretching segment of training as almost a meditation session to mentally prepare.


All stretches and exercises should be supervised by a trained martial arts instructor to prevent injuries and to ensure the proper technique is utilised.

Start stretching and join the GIANT Splits Club. See the students who have achieved this below....


Ahmad Wehbi


Anastasia Kittos


Fotini Apostolidis


Anastasia Gregoriou


Kara Giardullo


Tallulah Ng


Helaina Medlow


Claresta Lim


Tijana Smith

Natalie Vasilevski

Bianca Karaboulis

Ethan Loreto

Instructor Anthony Repice

Leon Triantafyllou

Luljeta Emerton

Instructor Giorgio Repice

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