Weapons Sparring Day Invitational

Written on the 26 March 2021

Weapons Sparring Day Invitational


Just like our Kickboxing Sparring Invitational, we are now going to host for the first time EVER an Invitational Weapons Sparring Day @ GIANT!

We have invited numerous like minded martial arts clubs throughout Sydney who teach and spar with weapons in their curriculum.

The aim of the session is to provide students the opportunity to weapons spar safely against someone they are not used to sparring in a co-operative environment.

Suitable for beginners or advanced students, this day will give you confidence and help you get the simple things right such as timing and distance.

We have all sized sparring weapons available so no need to bring your own. They are safe to use. You must bring your own safety equipment.

Here is how it will work:

* Open to beginners and advanced students from invited clubs, however recommended you have experience sparring with weapons.
* No uniforms, T-shirt or rashie with shorts or track-pants.
* Full face covered headgear and cladded gloves compulsory. Must have suitable full head and face mask cover (we have Visor Sunglasses if needed for masks without eye protection). Shin guards, arm guards and groin guard is optional and recommended.
* We will try to match partners by size and grade.
* Can manage the type of weapon you want to use and verse the same or a different type of weapon. eg. Knife (30cm) VS Sword (90cm) or Nunchaku (flexible weapon) VS Long Staff (1.8m) or Medium Stick (60cm) VS Baton/Machete (45cm). No empty hand strikes allowed. One on one ONLY! Light contact, spar to learn not to win.
* Take into account preferences of your partner (eg. limited to one weapon due to skill level or may only move at slow pace due to injuries)
* No techniques that can't be pulled or controlled. Once you are hit, acknowledge it by holding your weapon high in the air then keep going. Do NOT keep hitting your opponent. Leave your ego at the door.
* No ego's, you have to look after each other. There are no 'winners' just 'learners'!
* Tell your partner if they are hitting too hard, can talk to you partner during sparring.
* Can stop anytime for a break and can resume anytime (no-one is judging). Rounds will roughly be 2 minutes.
* If anyone loses their cool they will be told to go home.
* Everyone should finish the day with no injuries and a bit better at weapon sparring.

Where: Giant Martial Arts 170 Stoney Creek Rd, Bexley NSW 2207

When: Saturday 10th April 2021 from 1 to 3pm

Cost per participant = $20

Be there!!!

See some footage of Weapons training and sparring @ GIANT in the following clip. It shows a montage of the various weapon systems you can spar with:

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