Ground Grappling & Wrestling Classes

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Ground Grappling (known as "Wa Sul Ki" in Korean and "Newaza" in Japanese) refers to techniques and counters applied to an opponent in order to gain physical advantage in ground fighting situations. It includes a series of positioning, pins, escapes, sweeps and submissions via joint locks, chokes and cranks.

Ground Grappling classes at GIANT make up the Green Tip phase of the syllabus and skills progress from sports grappling (without strikes) to grappling for self defence (with striking, against weapons and getting to your feet against multiple opponents). Training is also conducted with and without uniform (gi and no-gi) to allow improvement of skills by having to adapt your grips and blocks. 

Stand-up grappling skills can be learnt in our Throwing & Takedown classes.


The Hapkido Mixed Martial Art classes at GIANT are broken down into five main areas known by Conditioning (Yellow Tip), Grappling (Green Tip), Throwing (Blue Tip), Striking (Red Tip) and Self Defence (Black Tip).


Developing skills in all these areas will help you well round your abilities in empty hand combat and keep you SAFE!

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