Martial Arts Etiquette & Behaviour

Etiquette is the code of conduct when in the training area. These traditional procedures are common to martial arts and have been passed down for centuries. Historically, many forms of etiquette arose for reasons of safety as well as respect.

Prior to Training

1. When entering the facility, remove sunglasses, hats, shoes and jewellery. Place belongings in the  booths provided. GIANT Martial Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen items. No food, drink or chewing gum on the mat.

2. Let the Instructor know if you have any injuries or not feeling well.

3. Uniform/clothing should be washed clean, neat and odour free. Know how to fold your uniform, tie your belt or wear your armband. Toe and fingernails should be trimmed and clean. During hot weather, GIANT t-shirts can be worn instead of uniform jacket.

4. For additional hygiene and performance, undergarments such as a GIANT t-shirt, compression skins/sports bras can be worn.

5. Always bow on and off the mat and prior to training with a partner.

6. If you are late to class, sit on the mat and quickly warm up in the corner. Then wait for further instruction by the Instructor. Never be late to a grading examination.

During Class

1. Members line up according to grade. Move to position quickly & quietly. Help keep the lines even.

2. Ask permission to use the restroom or leave the training area.

3. Avoid swearing, gossip and speaking casually on the mat.  Always stand with straight posture and hands on your belt. The walls don't need to be held up so please don't casually lean on them.

4. When you are called in training, ALWAYS respond loud and clear.  Be respectful and well-mannered at all times. You will gain more respect by leading with respect. Treat your partners like you would yourself.  Be nice and courteous.

5. When you tie your belt or adjust uniform, turn around (away from the flag) and on one knee.

6. When you are training or learning new techniques, be patient and humble.  It won't help you or your partner to brag or be selfish. Everyone's goals are different and trains at their own pace. You train here to be the best YOU can be. Apply yourself within the limitations of your goals.

7. Once an instructor has taught you a technique, practice it over and over. Consistency is the key! Avoid trying to teach another student a technique unless the Instructor allows, Martial arts is a self-learning journey, so best to encourage and keep practicing. Safety here is important.

8. Execute techniques slowly and correctly. Your success will be determined by your form developed at the fundamental levels of your training. This will be achieved by slow, relaxed and concentrated moves with patience.

8. When we are training wrestling or ground grappling techniques (Wa Sul), always stay on your knees.

9. Training area should be always clean and neat. Lead by example and be the first student to help put equipment away or grab the mop.

10. When in uniform in or outside the academy, refrain from poor behaviour, swearing, smoking and drinking alcohol. You are a representing GIANT Martial Arts.


Sparring, also known as "sport fighting" is an area where our spiritual strengths and weaknesses are revealed (anger, egotism, jealousy etc.). In this respect, sparring not only improves physical skills but purifies spiritual and emotional values as well.

Sparring is more mind than body. Strategy is king. By thinking two or three techniques ahead of yourself it becomes more like a physical game of chess.

Sparring at GIANT is not allowed unless authorised and practiced under strict supervision - safety comes first. All participants must wear the minimum safety equipment of gloves, shin/foot guards, mouth guard, groin guard and headgear.  Aside from the odd bump or bruise it is very safe.

Sparring in class is not a competition unless authorised and should be aimed at learning defence and offence. Sparring at a grading requires you to put into play the techniques you have learnt in a free-flowing resistant adlib situation. Sparring in competition is where one can be a little more competitive however must control emotions and have proper sportsmanship.

1. You can practice sparring and weapons only under the supervision of the Instructor, ask permission first and wear protective gear. Be aware of the rules and the Sparring Principle!

2. Sparring Principle = The student with the lower rank determines the intensity of the sparring session. Seniors should work on defence whilst juniors work on attack.

3. If you want your partner to STOP, double tap your hand on them or yell "TAP". Do not tap the ground. Tapping means STOP immediately!!! Look after each other.

4. When sparring control your emotion, leave your ego at the door.

5. When sparring and you get close to the wall, stop and move to find space.

6. When sparring and you get close to two other students sparring, the student with the senior rank has the right of way. The junior rank must move to find space.

7. Play fair and do not use ILLEGAL techniques such as striking with the elbow, knee or headbutting. No biting or scratching. Do not strike areas to the back of the head, spine, neck or groin. Do not lift and slam your opponent, no spear tackles or suplex lifts allowed. No neck cranks or twist joints such as the fingers, toes, spine, knee or ankle. Leg locks (apart from the Straight Ankle Lock) and Wrist locks are NOT allowed at beginner levels, wait for authorisation from the instructor.

8. Sparring at GIANT is set in the following formats:

a) Stand-up striking sparring (no takedowns).

b) Stand-up throwing and takedown sparring (no striking, no grappling).

c) Stand-up striking sparring with takedowns (no grappling).

d) Ground grappling (stay on knees, can be with and without striking).

e) Light contact-utilising head gear, mouth  guard, shin/foot guards, gloves and groin  guards which incorporates all aspects of  combat allowing kicking, punching, takedowns and grappling with striking.

f) Weapon sparring with protective gear, must have closed gloves and full face mask.

Student Activity Guideline Information

The following has been developed by Giant Martial Arts to ensure maximum enjoyment for all students and visitors.

Occupational Health and Safety Issues

All students and visitors are required to co-operate with the Giant Martial Arts occupational health and safety policy to ensure their own health and safety and the health and safety of others in the school/workplace. All students and visitors must:

1) Know who the instructors are, where amenities are located and where exits are.

2) Report any hazards immediately to the instructor.

3) Always wear personal protective equipment during classes.

4) Report any injuries you sustain immediately to the instructor.

5) Follow the evacuation procedure in the event of an emergency.

6) Participate in keeping Giant Martial Arts clean and tidy.

7) Listen and follow the instructors instructions at all times.

8) Report any harassment to the instructor immediately.

9) Not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the premises of Giant Martial Arts.

10) Ask the instructor if you have any further questions.

Martial Arts is Dangerous

As per your signed waiver you have read and understood the terms of the Giant Martial Arts Agreement or if you did not understand the terms of the Agreement you requested an independent person to explain them to you. You understand and agree to abide by these Giant Martial Arts Code of Conduct and Activity Guidelines that have been given to you. You understand all fees are non-refundable and understand Martial Arts activity including use of weapons is dangerous.

Membership Conditions of use:

Unavailability of Services - You agree to accept the fact and not hold Giant Martial Arts responsible that a particular facility or service in the premise may be unavailable at any particular time due to a prior booking, mechanical breakdown, fire, act of God, condemnation, loss of lease, catastrophe, terrorist attack or any other reason.

Hours of Operation - Operation schedules may vary and are subject to change from time to time. This information and class schedules are displayed on the reception table and on the website. Giant Martial Arts is closed on public holidays and for two weeks at Christmas.

Lost / Stolen Items - Giant Martial Arts will not accept any responsibility for any equipment that is lost or stolen on the premises.

Mobile Phones - For the comfort of all patrons you are required to please refrain from talking on your mobile phone, please have it on silent.

Conduct within the School - Giant Martial Arts reserves the right to refuse entry, cancel a membership or request a Student or casual exercise patron to leave the premises if the Student does not behave in a responsible manner and adhere to the Giant Martial Arts policies.

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