Martial Arts for Kids

Goliaths (Grades 4, 5 & 6)

The Goliaths program specialises in children who are midway or about to finish primary school.

This is an important time in a child's life as they prepare for high school. We focus on incorporating martial arts skills into a holistic approach to self defence and personal development. Some of the important life skills your child will learn at GIANT are respect, confidence, self defence, self control, fitness and coordination.

We also reinforce values that you will be teaching your children at home, such as self respect, how to avoid and deal with bullying, and most importantly when to use their martial arts training. The results from this program are amazing, with benefits available to all children regardless of age, coordination or fitness.

Modesty! Integrity! Self Respect and Self Control!
Train at a Full Time Air-Conditioned Facility!


"Giant Martial Arts was highly recommended to us for its respectful and nurturing environment. Two years later, we couldn't ask for more perfect Hapkido training for our daughter, and we look forward to many more years ahead with Anthony and Giorgio."
- Rosalie Beynon

Amazing team, friendly, happy and always encouraging kids. My three kids couldn't be more happy to come each week. Always learning new techniques. Love this place.
Vanessa Motisi

Thanks Giant team! My 3 babes are braver, kinder and happier for the experience. 
- Catherine Nikas Boulos

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GIANT Martial Arts are proud to support the NSW Active Kids program. If your child is enrolled in School, sign up to get your $100 gift from the government for free, every year!
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