Hapkido for Self Defence

Most people who train at GIANT, do it for Self Defence. Having the Skills and the Confidence to give you the Capability to walk down the street and get home SAFE.

Self defence classes at GIANT are encompassed by the Black Tip phase of the Hapkido syllabus. You will learn a series of blending, flowing, redirecting force and circular movements leading to effective striking, joint locking, throwing, small joint manipulation and vital point attacks to get the better of the enemy in various real self defence situations.

The following 6 step G.I.A.N.T.S formula comprises the ideas behind the self defence training @ GIANT. This is only listed as a guide and is used as required in various order, example, the threat may end after step 3, therefore steps 4,5 and 6 are not required. To comprehend the formula, you are best to train the situation and awareness during class.

Step 1

Gage the situation
   Who and what is around? (how many attackers? any helpers? escape routes?)
   Any weapons at my disposal, what objects can I use to defend or help attack?
   Be in a state of readiness (palms up, live hand)

Step 2

I need to manage the distance
   If you manage the distance, you manage the damage
   Three foot rule (the distance where harm can be done)
   I can move faster forward than they can move back, be on the ball of your front foot

Step 3

   Start from a non-threatening manner
   Be humble, "I don't want any trouble, I have a family"
   Maintain eye contact, do not look away

Step 4

Negotiate or Neutralize
   Strike with the element of surprise (at an offbeat moment)
   Be in a state of explosion
   Strike a vital area from the closest point

Step 5

   Unleash like a Tornado and attack Vision - Breathing - Balance
   Motion causes motion, change the opponents focus
   High low high striking concept

Step 6

   Pin the attacker with joint lock or choke and request pain compliance


The Hapkido Mixed Martial Art classes at GIANT are broken down into five main areas known by Conditioning (Yellow Tip), Grappling (Green Tip), Throwing (Blue Tip), Striking (Red Tip) and Self Defence (Black Tip).

Developing skills in all these areas will help you well round your abilities in empty hand combat and keep you SAFE!


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