Striking Classes

Great workout using muscles through the entire body!

The striking classes at GIANT encompassed by the Red Tip phase of the syllabus are energising and challenging. Learn to strike with any part of the body for the purpose of self defence. You will learn footwork, managing distance, striking awareness, blending, slipping, bobing and weaving. Sparring is also a part of this class and is safe with the use of protective gear. Enjoy the Hapkido vast arsenal of skills as follows:

- Open Hand Strikes

- Punches

- Elbow Strikes

- Standing Kicks

- Knee Strikes

- Ground Kicks

- Jumping Kicks

The Hapkido Mixed Martial Art classes at GIANT are broken down into five main areas known by Conditioning (Yellow Tip), Grappling (Green Tip), Throwing (Blue Tip), Striking (Red Tip) and Self Defence (Black Tip).

Developing skills in all these areas will help you well round your abilities in empty hand combat and keep you SAFE!


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