Throwing & Takedown Classes

Break balance! Take em down! Submit or Control!

High intensity training that burns calories!

When trying to throw or take a resisting opponent to the floor, you can be assured you will burn more energy in a shorter period of time than any other stage of combat such as striking, ground grappling or weapons sparring. This class encompassed by the Blue Tip phase of the syllabus breaks down how to throw an opponent and control them on the ground using skills as follows:

- Breakfalls

- Off-balancing Drills

- Positioning Drills

- Standing Submissions

- Shoulder Throws

- Hip Throws

- Leg Throws (Hooks, Reaps and Sweeps)

- Sacrifice Throws

- Shooting Tackles

- Kick-Counter Throws

- Hand Throws

Ground grappling skills can be learnt in ourGrappling & Wrestling Classes.

The Hapkido Mixed Martial Art classes at GIANT are broken down into five main areas known by Conditioning (Yellow Tip), Grappling (Green Tip), Throwing (Blue Tip), Striking (Red Tip) and Self Defence (Black Tip).

Developing skills in all these areas will help you well round your abilities in empty hand combat and keep you SAFE!


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