Welcome to Weapons classes @ GIANT Martial Arts!

The journey of 1000 miles beings in one step and we congratulate you on taking this first step.

By now you should have received your T-Shirt and are ready to train. Be sure to write down your goals and ask your instructor how you can achieve them. Whether your goal is to learn self-defence, test in competition or simply get more knowledge through weapon skills, our promise will be to help you get there.

The only secret to improving in martial arts is through sweat. However our Website together with the Online University and YouTube channel have been created from years of experience and are here to assist you in your journey.

Use it for Guidance

Use it for Motivation

Use it to Achieve your Goals

Click the blue icon below for a MUST READ IMPORTANT code of conduct, etiquette, behaviour and OH&S document:
Now with formalities done check out some simple steps below to get you started:

5 simple steps to get you started...

Step 1 - View the Academy Tour

Get a view from front to back through the entire academy with details on where to put your belongings, the different programs and ranking systems, where to line up, bowing on and off the mats and get a look at the different classes you can experience...enjoy!

Step 2 - Read your curriculum

The Weapons curriculum can be found at the academy. There are many weapon systems taught at GIANT. We will help you get through your curriculum to attend a grading test for the next level.

The breakdown of all the Weapon Systems are as follows:

  • Knife
  • Short Stick Police Baton
  • Medium Stick (Kali)
  • Twin Stick
  • Machete
  • Cane
  • Long Staff
  • Nunchaku
  • Double Nunchaku
  • Sword
  • Rope/Towel Flexible Weapons
  • Throwing Weapons
  • Archery

Each weapon course you complete will grant you a coloured chevron you will place on the left upper arm on your training t-shirt.

Step 3 - GIANT Online

To help guide you through your skills on each level we offer you the complete curriculum on demand 24/7 on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer!

GIANT Online has all the techniques across multiple martial arts styles set into a step by step logical, clearly defined, systematic curriculum from white to black belt and beyond. Over 900 training videos with countless hours of footage.

Great value for money at less than a bottle of water per week.

Check out the navigation video:

Step 4 - Grading test

Once you know all the moves and have sufficient attendance you will be ready to grade. We run grading tests every 3 months across 4 terms of the year. Remember to wear your GIANT T-Shirt and pack your sparring gear including specific gloves and headgear.

The next grading test is normally on the calendar at the academy or you can ask your instructor. Even if you have joined halfway through a Term, there may still be a chance you could make grading if you know your moves but do not have sufficient attendance. We can make up attendance via private lessons.

We find that students who regularly get to class and are also learning online generally get through.

Check out a highlight video of a recent grading so you know what to expect:


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If you left an item behind, we have a lost and found area, ask at reception.

If you know someone who would benefit from our programs, please ask them to book in a trial and should they join we have extremely generous incentive programs where you can receive lots of FREE training.

Come and talk to us if you have any further questions?

Useful information sources on the foundation of Weapons in Martial Arts:

Understanding Martial Arts

Martial Arts History

About our Instructor and Leadership Team

Other programs and services that may be of interest:

If you feel like you need a little extra help, book in a Private Lesson.

Have your specialised Martial Arts Birthday Party @ GIANT for your child.

Arrange a Corporate Workshop for your work associates.

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To enhance your skills you can give a Hapkido class a go or try a Kickboxing class or learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

Your ready to go, see you on the mat!

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