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Not everything on this page may be required for some age groups. Refer to this term's written curriculum which can be found at the academy for the requirements on your White Tip. Ask your instructor and refer to your workbook.

Theory to Know

How to count in Korean:

1 Hanah

2 Dool

3 Set

4 Net

5 Dasot


6 Yeosot

7 ilgop

8 Yeodol

9 Ahop

10 Yeol

Other Korean Terms to know:

Ready: Jun bi

Start: Shi jak

Retun to Ready: Baro

Attention: Charyut

Bow: Kyeong Neh

How to we greet in Korean? Ahn Nyong Ha Shim Ni Ka

How  do we say thankyou in Korean? Kahm Sa Hahm Ni Da

Your teachers names: Instructors Giorgio & Anthony Repice


The 5 core values at GIANT Martial Arts:

Modesty: Not to be vain or boastful in what you do.

Courtesy: To be polite and respectful to others.

Perseverance: To keep on going even if tired.

Integrity: To have high moral standards and to be honest.

Self Control: To have control over emotions, overcome anger, frustration and fear.

The Bow

Bowing is an external symbol of internal respect. This video demonstrates the bowing from standing and seated positions. It also demonstrates how we salute the flags, showing respect for our country and a "Hap Ki" respect to our teachers.

Kneeling Meditation

This video demonstrates how to kneel into meditation position.

Basic Stances

This video shows you the basic stances for fighting, defence and the breathing stance position. In defence, showing your palms to someone is an international symbol of yielding, you do this whilst you negotiate. Palms up can also allow you to block and strike quickly. Behind these passive palms however you must manage distance and be in a mental state of readiness. Once the fists come up, the fight is more than likely to be on so it's important to have an understanding of your outward behaviour in a conflict situation.

Breathing Exercises

This video demonstrates the four basic breathing exercises of Hapkido. These are done from a traditional horse riding type stance and the mind must be empty with only a focus on the breathing. Hands are Live! The breathing starts in through the nose at a four second count together with the first motion of the exercise and breathing out through the mouth at a four second count with the second part of the exercise. Repeat this breathing with all four exercises to the front, low, side and high.

Basic Footwork

Learn the basic footwork movement of stepping. As you progress these will be combined with attacks and defence.

Learn the basic footwork movement of shuffling. As you progress these will be combined with attacks and defence.

Learn the basic footwork movement of 90 and 180 degree turning. As you progress these will be combined with attacks and defence.

Clinch Positions

Once you look to close the distance in a fight, this video will break down the different clinch positions with and without uniform/clothing. Take note of the positions of the hands, one must look to control both the neck and the arm/s of an opponent. As you progress you will be taught throws, takedowns and submissions from these positions.

Distance Management

If you manage the distance, you manage the damage. Be aware of the three foot rule which is the realistic distance an empty hand opponent can do you harm, more of this on our self defence page. As you progress you will build the formula you need for each area of distance in combat.

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