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"Congratulations on passing the Intermediate level and welcome to the Advanced level colours of the GIANT Hapkido syllabus" Now you will have the opportunity to tell your Instructors and peers about your Martial Arts journey and what you have learnt so far about Martial Arts history. Along with this theory comes learning about vital pressure points in the body that can be used at times to give you an advantage in combat. At the advanced level belts we start to increase the conditioning load to start preparing you for your long awaited and gruelling Black Belt Grading day. With this conditioning comes dynamic, running falling and gymnastic techniques. Learn a series of effective kicking and feint kicking combinations, start to learn about close quarter attacking techniques such as elbows and knee strikes. Also improve the devastating Spinning Kick technique with specific progressions. Further the grappling knowledge by learning many various chocking techniques with and without the assistance of your clothing. Improve the clinch with pummelling movement to get the better position and learn higher percentage throwing techniques. Advanced level self-defence is taught against running and lunging attackers, an attacker trying to throw and tackle, an attacker standing over you when in a seated position and pre-emptive arresting techniques. You will learn escapes, strikes and control with throwing and submissions from all of these situations. Enjoy these darkest colours of the curriculum as you progress towards your ultimate Black Belt test! Go train!
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